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What are the Akashic Records?

For me, the Akashic Records are the quickest way to to find the soul level truth of a situation. If you lean more towards the scientific side, according to quantum physicist Ervin Laslo, the Akashic Records are the electromagnetic imprint of everything that’s ever happened in the universe- the Unified Field. If you lean more to the spiritual side, you may of heard of the Akashic Records being referred to as the "Book of Life" (Judaism, Christianity), the "Book of Two Truths" (Egyptian), or the "Great Storehouse" (Mayans).


The word "Akasha" itself a Sanskrit word meaning "ether" or "primary substance." Across time, almost every culture has held a belief that the everything that has ever happened, is happening, or will happen is recorded somewhere in the ethers. The Akashic Records holds the vibrational record of each individual soul, or the imprint of our soul on its journey including all past, present, and future possibilities.

The information you learn from an Akashic Record Reading is based on your questions, which can be on almost any topic including life purpose, career, health, relationships, or finances. 

Questions can be general or specific, but try to develop questions that start with why, how, and what. You'll get more information and deeper insights. Avoid questions with Yes/No responses. They're boring. 

Time does not matter in the Akashic Records because the Records are eternal. So "when" questions can be tricky. For example, you may ask about when you developed your fear of heights. You may think it developed when you were a child because your dad held you over a cliff for laughs, but you find from the Records that your fear really stems from a past life when you were a painter and fell from your scaffolding! Or you want to know about something in the future, which may change because we have free will. In these cases, we can explore the positives/ negatives of future possible timelines. 


I am super protective of people's energy. Since I am opening your Akashic Record, ask questions that pertain to you. Instead of asking, "Why is my boss or partner/ parent being an ass?," frame your question like: "What am I meant to learn from this relationship?," 

"What am I not seeing?," "How can I change my perspective?," "What can I do right now to find peace, forgiveness, and healing?" 

Do you see the difference? The original question puts the focus and energy on the other person. The rephrased question puts the focus/ energy on you.

Shannon Kobes Crystal Healing

You can open the Akashic Records of ANYTHING because EVERYTHING
is made of ENERGY and has
a specific vibration,
which is recorded in the Records!

Ask questions about pets, homes,
businesses, ANYTHING!

What's an Akashic Record Reading Like?

BEFORE the Akashic Record Reading/ How to Prepare for the Akashic Record Reading

When you book your Akashic Record Session, you'll be given an opportunity to provide your name, email, phone number, and tell me a little bit about yourself. Tell me if you would like the reading on-line via zoom or over the phone. If you choose on-line, I'll email you a zoom meeting invite. If you choose over the phone, I'll call you during our scheduled time. Please be sure to read the Helpful Information Section of the Booking page.

DURING the Akashic Record Reading

An Akashic Record Reading is a shared experience between you, the Akashic Record Practitioner, and the energy of the Akasha/ Akashic Records. A session in the Akashic Records will feel like a normal conversation among friends that is fused with higher energy. I'll begin with an Akashic Attunement, which is my own unique pathway to the Akasha and beyond. I will need your full name for the attunement, in which some parts are said out loud and some silently. You'll know the Akashic Records are open, because I'll say "The Records are now open." Once the Akashic Records are open, you can ask questions and explain the situation you would like clarity on.


For me, as the Akashic Record Practitioner, how I receive Akashic information varies. Sometimes I will see (clairvoyance), sometimes hear (clairaudience), sometimes physically feel (clairsentience), and sometimes emotionally tap in (clairempathy) to the guidance. I also channel direct messages from your Guides in the Akasha and beyond. All information discussed during a reading is confidential. At the end of our time, I will close the Akashic Records.


AFTER the Akashic Record Reading

Working in the Akashic Records is deeply healing on an energetic scale. You are receiving a healing and moving the energy around every question you ask. So, it is very important that you treat yourself gently- rest, drink lots of water, take a shower, whatever you do for self-care. You are welcome to email me any questions seeking clarification on what was discussed during the Akashic Reading. If you have follow up questions or what to explore new areas, please book another appointment HERE.  

Shannon Kobes Pet Reiki and Akashic Record Readings
Helen Vonderheide Certified Akashic Record Teacher

How I Learned How To Navigate the Akashic Records

Access to the Akashic Records and planes of higher knowledge was often reserved for mystics, high priests, elders, and sages. Throughout time, others were also said to gain access to the Akasha, like Nostradamus and Edgar CayceHowever, how they did so remained a mystery.

Hay House author Dr. Linda Howe was one of the first individuals to bring access to the Akashic Records to everyone with the Pathway Prayer Process©. Between training in-person with Dr. Howe and the lovely Helen Vonderheide, I have over 100 hours of Advanced Certified Training in the Akashic Records! In addition to this intensive training, I have been reading professionally for others, 1000s of sessions, as well as working with my own Guides in the Akasha since 2016. 

I have a deep love and respect for what I do. I truly feel working in the Akasha part of my soul's calling. When I opened the Records for the first time, it was like coming home. I am so excited to have the opportunity to introduce you to the Akashic Records and all the guidance, support, awareness, and healing that an Akashic Record session can hold. 

© 2001 by Linda Howe, Founder and Director of The Center for Akashic Studies

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