What is Reiki

What tends to be one of your first reactions when you get a headache or you hit your elbow on a doorway or your stomach starts to ache?

What do you tend to do naturally when you see a friend who is upset or you see your child fall down?

More often than not, you place your hands where it hurts; you use your hands as a means to convey comfort.

There is power in touch. Reiki amplifies this innate healing that we all have.

Reiki (ray-key) is made up of two Japanese words.

Rei = spirit or soul     Ki = life force energy

So, Reiki means "soul energy." 

Specializing in Distance Reiki Healing 

Don't get me wrong, I love going into a spa and taking a nap on a massage table while getting Reiki. It's amazing; I highly recommend it. However, sometimes finding time to get to the spa, fighting the traffic, finding parking, and getting into the zen zone takes a lot of effort. This is what first drew me to Distance Reiki- first as a practice that I took advantage of and then as a healing modality that I wanted to offer to other individuals like myself. 

I love the flexibility of Distance Reiki, and I love that the results are just the same as a Reiki in-person session. Seriously- check out my reviews and hidden Yelp reviews because several of them are clients who experienced Distance Reiki.

Booking a Distance REIKI Session


When you book your Reiki appointment on-line, you will be given an opportunity to provide your name, email, phone number, and tell me a little bit about yourself. Use this space to provide me with the information you would like me to focus on during your Reiki session. I will call you 15 mins before the session to discuss your areas of focus in more detail. If you don't want me to call you (because you plan on being asleep, you don't want to talk to me, you'll be at work, whatever the reason), please just let me know NOT TO CALL in the notes. 


I will do a scan of your body and focus on the areas we discussed and that you highlighted in your notes. I will also spend extra time on any area that needs additional Reiki healing. This includes balancing the seven chakras, which align with major glands and organs in the body. 



I will call (or email if you prefer) with feedback on your session. This is will include any impressions from the healing or messages from your guides that I get during the healing. I do not guarantee messages or other worldly guidance, because sometimes it really is all about the physical body healing. If you are interested in a combined Akashic Record Reading and Reiki Session, please book that specifically. 

Benefits of Reiki

What's really amazing about Reiki, is that whomever experiences it seems to get the precise benefit that they need.

Emotional Benefits May Include: Foster peacefulness, calm the mind, promote focus, awareness, and mindfulness, evoke gratitude, encourage emotional release, ease tension, reduce stress, dissipate depression and anxiety, smooth worry and grief

Physical Benefits May Include: Slow heart rate, relax tight muscles, reduce aches and pains, fosters natural self-healing, decreases fatigue/ energizes the body

As such, each Reiki session is unique and no one tends to experience a Reiki session in the same way. You may get a Reiki session on Monday and feel super energized after it. Then you may get another one on Friday and feel so relaxed that you want to sleep the rest of the night. Reiki really does have an amazing way of providing your body exactly what it needs at that time. 

What is exciting is that Reiki is being researched and implemented into big name hospitals, like UCLA Health... https://www.uclahealth.org/rehab/urban-zen-integrative-therapy and

 and John Hopkins... https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/integrative_medicine_digestive_center/services/reiki.html. 

Distance Reiki =


With Distance Reiki Healing, you can receive the benefits of Reiki without stopping whatever you are doing; you can be at home relaxed in your own bed or you can be in your car on your way to an important meeting.

I recommend finding a quiet spot, where you can get comfortable and not be interrupted. 

Your location doesn't matter.

Distance Reiki Can

Be Sent to ANYONE

Has your fur baby had surgery and you want to use Reiki to help aid in their recovery?

Have you ever had a migraine that lasted for days?

Would you like to experience Reiki, but don't want to be touched?


Distance Reiki can be sent to anyone (you, your friends, your loved ones, your pet)

as long as the individual receiving the Reiki

gives me permission to enter their energy field

Distance Reiki Can


Have you ever wished someone good luck on a really important job interview or exam? Have you experienced an anxiety attack that has now left you worried

that you will experience another one?

Sending Distance Reiki to situations, challenges, or problems  (past, present, or future) can help transmute the negative or stressful energy associated with the event. 


Have you ever walked into a place and said, "Wow, this place is nice; there's good energy here"? Distance Reiki (with permission of the property owner) can even be sent to a home, business, or work to help lighten and clear dense or stagnant energy.

Overall, just think of Distance Reiki Healing like "Energy Wi-Fi."

I am tuning into your unique Wi-Fi signal to send you healing, not your neighbor across the hall.