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Shannon's Soul Journey

The fancy stuff... I have a double Masters in Cognitive and Social Psychology, and worked for over four years on a PhD in Ecological Community Psychology. I am a Certified Advanced Akashic Record Practitioner, since 2016, with over a 100 hour of in-person training with Hay House Author Dr. Linda Howe and Helen Vonderheide. I've also spent the past 10 years honing my Reiki practice to become a Reiki Master Teacher; training in-person for all levels with Hay House Author Marisa Moris. I've naturally channeled Light Language since 2018, and I have deepened this practice by training and becoming a Certified Crystalline Soul Healing Practitioner with Jayme Price​. In addition, I have taken a ton of other trainings, because I tend to intellectualize the crap out of everything.

This is how I got here. 


I grew up with a magical mother. She taught me to see the unseen, to hear beyond the silence, and to believe in the magic all around us. She taught me how to use tools, like tarot and working with the elements, to deepen my connection to my own intuition, earth, angels, and the Light/ Universe/ Source/ God (insert whatever word will not trigger you). When I got sick, instead of heading to the medicine cabinet, she would gather plants and herbs. When I didn't know how to handle my ever changing emotions, she taught me grounding and meditation. Her support ensured that I wouldn't lose my "-claires" as I grew older. That is, until I decided that I didn't want to "see" or "hear" or "know" anymore. 

Even though I was brought up with a solid foundation in the metaphysical and subtle energy worlds, I struggled with self worth and body issues. Even though filled with love, my home life growing up was unstable; life demanded that I grow up quick. From the ages of three to seven, I was sexually molested by my Great-Grandfather. At the age of 12, I was raped by someone I trusted.

I was an empath with a wide-open heart, and no boundaries, no self-esteem, no sense of identity. Instead of turning deeper into my spirituality, I turned more towards numbing, self-harming and self-sabotaging behaviors. Education also became my escape route. I wanted to understand what happened to me and how to prevent it from happening to others. I wanted to understand the human psyche and resilience of spirit. What I found was the praise and identity that I had been searching for was only another degree or resume-line away.


At the age of 28, I was raped again, this time by a stranger. Having been accepted into one of the top PhD programs in the nation that focused on Violence Against Women research, I intellectually knew what to do and had access to the support systems. However, I was frozen. I was confronted with all the pain and fears that I had not dealt with since childhood. Cue panic attacks that resulted in hospitalization, depression that was so dark and overwhelming that I must have touched some layer of hell, manic spending, and so on. I had always felt like an imposter in the PhD program, and my inability to do all the "right things" when presented with the "ideal rape scenario" proved my unworthiness (in my mind). It was also during this time I was reintroduced to energy work, breath work, art, and lots of therapy.


On my road to deeper healing, I learned many more lessons. I really fucked up my body because I didn't love myself. I found myself in an abusive relationship because codependence was comfortable. I lost my ideal job because I was still seeking outside validation. I got involved with a manipulative energy teacher because I didn't know discernment. Then, and only then, did I declare that my breakdown was going to be my break through. I was fucking done with repeating patterns. I integrated all of my life experience, all of my knowledge and training, all of me. 

I am a Lightworker by birth and by choice. Yes, I have the academic degrees and advanced certification, but what is more important is that I have lived the life needed and have done the personal and shadow work. Through my own journey, which is still ever evolving, I've deepened my knowledge, honed my intuition, and explored all types of healing modalities.  Because some of the teachings and healings resonated so deeply, it seemed my soul had always known of them... 

Because I experienced transformation and unexplained synchronicity... 

Because science is finally catching on and backing up what our ancestors knew true... 

Because of all this and more... 

I AM here for you. 

With Gratitude and ((HUGS)), 

Your Spiritual BFF Shannon 


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