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Crystalline Soul Healing®

Crystalline Soul Healing® can help to:

  • Release physical, emotional, mental and spiritual blocks

  • Heal negative energies and traumas

  • Clear limiting belief patterns

  • Assimilate soul fragments and separation

  • Activate crystalline DNA and the pineal gland

  • Transform your interaction with time and accelerate your Ascension

  • Integrate your Higher Self and human self into greater divine flow

Crystalline Soul Healing® refines the structure of your energy field into a stronger, clearer flow of information—your diamond crystalline field. This supports you into true healing and empowerment as you begin to navigate your life with more of your innate wisdom and Love.


Shannon is a certified Crystalline Soul Healing® practitioner.

What can Crystalline Soul Healing® do? 

Crystalline Soul Healing® is not limited to only working on certain issues. It can work on physical, mental, emotional, spiritual and situational issues. It works holistically with the core wounding within your energetic information. It is not bound by time or space. 

However, it is not a magic pill that fixes everything the way you want it. Crystalline Soul Healing® is an empowerment modality, meaning it always cedes to your Higher Self rather than attempting to control your outcome from limited human knowledge and desire.

Healing and improvement always occur because your intention and the healer’s intention for improvement amplifies the focus and potential of your realignment into greater balance and attunement with your Higher Self. Your Higher Self, in concert with your human self, determines the timing and flow of the manifestation of your path.

What is Crystalline Soul Healing®?

Crystalline Soul Healing® is based in an ancient Lyran methodology developed by Jamye Price. It is an advanced process of multi-layered change that supports empowered flow. It is an alchemical healing Template that reprograms the instructions and interactions of your DNA through your Higher Self.

A Crystalline Soul Healing® session can assist you to heal patterns, misinformation and trauma that inhibit your natural, loving communication with Life. It supports your empowerment as you learn to navigate your life with more wisdom and Love.

Your Higher Self is always directing your changes into more empowered, loving flow with Life. The Crystalline Soul Healing® Template assists your human self to create change more rapidly through the natural blending of your physical (human) and non-physical (Higher Self) focus.

Crystalline Soul Healing® is a modality for the new paradigm of empowerment and healing as humanity evolves into more conscious connection with the subtle realm of creation that manifests the physical world.

What is a Crystalline Soul Healing® Session Like?

I have found that combining Crystalline Soul Healing with Reiki creates a beautiful and gentle healing experience for the body and soul.  


When you book your Crystalline Soul Healing/ Reiki appointment on-line, you will be given an opportunity to provide your name, email, phone number, and tell me a little bit about yourself. Use this space to provide Shannon a description of your intention for the session. 


Shannon will call you at the time of your appointment to discuss your intention as well as describe the crystalline soul healing attunement and reiki process. Shannon prefers to start the actual session as you settle-in for bed and will begin running the Crystalline Soul Healing ® Template and Reiki once you text her that you tucked in for the night. While running the template, Shannon may be focused in silence or may express in Light Language, create crystal grids, use sound, pull tarot cards, or be guided to use another healing modality in addition to the crystalline soul healing and reiki. During this time you will be asked to relax in silence- noticing any physical sensations, psychic impressions, emotions, and/or thoughts that come up, and of course feel free to fall asleep. 


Shannon prefers to do the Reiki / Crystalline Soul Healing at night when you are sleeping for deeper healing and relaxation. (Plus, this way if the healing takes more than an hour, she's not stopping the session short and can just keep working- no extra charge).

Shannon facilitates the flow of the Crystalline Soul Healing® Template as your Higher Self determines what you will release and activate in each session. Your human choice (intention) is an important part of your path of empowerment, yet your Higher Self ultimately determines how your healing will unfold.

Please note, a Crystalline Soul Healing® session does not allow the healer or you to control the healing (aka only experiencing what your ego wants). No guarantees of a specific healing or result can be made. Your Higher Self, your divinity; is determining your outcome for your highest good. We can talk more about what this means when we connect. 



We will set a time the following day to discuss any experiences you may have had, and Shannon will provide any guidance or intuitive information that arose as well as send photos of any additional healing tools used. Remember we are moving, clearing, and activating A LOT of energy-even if it doesn't feel like it. So, please be gentle with yourself (i.e., listen to your body, drink lots of water, eat fresh foods, nap when needed, etc...).

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