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What is Light Language?

Light language is the language of our multidimensional soul that is understood innately by our heart and DNA.


The frequency and codes that are embedded in this unique form of healing, which takes place through your Higher Self, helps create a new vibration of wellbeing for the receiver. Light language challenges the receiver to step out of the linear, egocentric mind and into a new level of trust and heart opening for deep, multilayered healing to occur.    

Because Light Language is multidimensional A LOT of information can be packed into a one Light Language sound, sign, or symbol.


It may helpful to conceptualize Light Language as a small coded, computer chip that is both powerful and contains a lot of information.

Generally, there are four different ways to communicate and express light language:

Speaking, Signing, Singing, and Writing.

There are an infinite amount of different kinds of light languages, and variations within each kind, because the universe is a vast and infinite place. Generally speaking, there are four basic kinds of light language that fit somewhere within these categories: Angelic, Elemental, Galactic (includes star beings and ET’s,) and Gaia languages (includes ancient, present, and future earth languages.)

I speak a number of different Light Languages, which can sound like chants, clicks, tones, songs and spoken dialects. The information coming through the Light Language and the dialect that comes through, differs with each person. At times I am aware of the meaning of the message contained within the Language of Light, while at other times I am not. Whether or not the message is translated into English is not important. Our soul, cells and DNA understand the transformational healing gift that Light Language brings into our body, mind and spirit.

What can I expect from a Light Language Session?


Yep, this was my first tattoo. While it may not "look" like light language the frequency and codes are all there!

Each channeled transmission is unique and adjusts to the resonance of your vibrational needs in the moment. Which means your Light Language transmission may create a clearing and balancing one day and an activation and alignment on another day. It really is the gift that keeps on giving! 

When you book a Light Language Session, we will start with a short consultation. During this time, I will ask that you set an intention for the session. I will also answer any questions you have about me, the process, or Light Language in general. The intention may be specific or general as your Higher Self will oversee the session and bring in the frequencies that will benefit you most. I will then start the light language, which may come in the form of signing, speaking, and/ or writing. We will spend a little time after the session discussing what, if anything, you felt, sensed, thoughts/memories, basically discuss your experiences and have the opportunity to ask questions. 


Each time you listen to your personal Light Language, there is the opportunity for new information, new perspective, and renewed healing. Think of it as your Higher Self helping anchor the frequencies of the changes even more strongly into your current physical reality. 

If you are interested in a Light Language Session, please reach out to Shannon directly. 

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