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Example Questions to Ask Your Guides in
Akashic Records & to Help Guide Your Intention Setting 

These are just example questions to help illustrate the breath and depth of type of questions you can explore in the Akashic Records. The questions that you come up with, that are directly related to what you are going through, are much better than anything I create. The more questions, and the more specific the questions, you ask during an Akashic Record Session, the better. Often the Guides tend to answer several questions at once because what we think are different issues in our lives tend to be related. It may also be helpful to describe the situation you'd like clarity on as well, because often when we think we know the truth of a situation, a person's Guides offer a different, higher perspective.


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Purpose &
Deeper Understanding

Sand Dunes

Business, Career 
& Finance

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Stone Tower
Screen Shot 2022-05-24 at 12.59.16 PM.png

Physical &
Emotional Wellbeing

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