You can open the Akashic Records of ANYTHING because EVERYTHING

is made of ENERGY and has

a specific vibration,

which is recorded in the Records!

Pets, homes, crystals, plants,

businesses, ANYTHING!

What Can I Learn From An Akashic Record Reading?

The information you learn from an Akashic Record Reading is based on your questions, which can be on almost any topic including life purpose, career, health, relationships, or finances. 


Questions can be general or specific, but try to develop questions that start with why, how, and what. You'll get more information and deeper insights. Avoid questions with Yes/No responses. They're boring. 

Time does not matter in the Akashic Records because the Records are eternal. So "when" questions can be tricky. For example, you may ask about when you developed your fear of heights. You may think it developed when you were a child because your dad held you over a cliff for laughs, but you find from the Records that your fear really stems from a past life when you were a painter and fell from your scaffolding! Or you want to know about something in the future, which may change because we have free will. In these cases, we can explore the positives/ negatives of future possible timelines. 


I am super protective of people's energy. Since I am opening your Akashic Record, ask questions that pertain to you. Instead of asking, "Why is my boss or partner/ parent being an ass?," frame your question like:

"What am I meant to learn from this relationship?," "What am I not seeing?," "How can I change my perspective?," "What can I do right now to find peace, forgiveness, and healing?" Do you see the difference? The original question puts the focus and energy on the other person. The rephrased question puts the focus/ energy on you.

You can also ask questions about anything you own. Everything has a Akashic Record! Your pets, your home, your car, your business- each are just energy, which has a vibration that is record in the Akashic field! How freaking cool is that! 

If you want to know more about the types of questions you can find answers to in the Akashic Records, check out the Example Questions for the Akashic Records Page.